Container Request Right-Sizing

Kubecost can automatically implement its recommendations for container resource requests if you have the Cluster Controller component enabled. Using container request right-sizing (RRS) allows you to instantly optimize resource allocation across your entire cluster, without testing complicated YAML or kubectl commands. You can easily eliminate resource over-allocation in your cluster, which paves the way for vast savings via cluster right-sizing and other optimizations.


To access RRS, you must first enable the Cluster Controller. Learn more by visiting the Cluster Controller documentation. If you have a GKE/EKS/AWS Kops cluster and want full Cluster Controller functionality, you must perform the provider service key setup. If you are using a different cluster type or do not need other Cluster Controller functionality, you can skip ahead to the Deploying section.


Once enabled, you can follow the detailed usage guides for automatic RRS methods: "1-click" (instantaneous) and "continuous" right-sizing.
Automatic container RRS is only available for your primary cluster. To use automatic RRS on a secondary cluster, you must first manually switch to that cluster via frontend. Container RRS recommendations are still supported on all configurations of Kubecost.