Enabling Annotation Emission

If interested in filtering or aggregating by Kubernetes Annotations when using the Allocation API, you will need to enable annotation emission. This will configure your Kubecost installation to generate the kube_pod_annotations and kube_namespace_annotations metrics as listed in our Kubecost Metrics doc.

You can enable it in your values.yaml:

  emitPodAnnotations: true
  emitNamespaceAnnotations: true

You can also enable it via your helm install or helm upgrade command:

helm upgrade -i kubecost kubecost/cost-analyzer \
  --namespace kubecost \
  --set kubecostMetrics.emitNamespaceAnnotations=true \
  --set kubecostMetrics.emitPodAnnotations=true

These flags can be set independently. Setting one of these to true and the other to false will omit one and not the other.

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