GPU Allocation

Kubecost performs GPU allocation through container resource block in the pod spec, which are parsed for each pod which has a container resource request or limit of type A pod requesting GPU resources will have a field spec.containers.resources:

      requests: 1
      limits: 1

The number of GPUs requested is parsed for each container with GPU resource request. If no request exists, the limit will be used. If neither is found, the number of allocated GPUs is 0.0, and no allocation is recorded. This is used to calculate GPU costs, as in the Kubecost Allocation view.

A pod requesting virtual GPUs using the AWS Virtual GPU device plugin will also follow the same pattern, with the allocation being that of the resource. In this case, the vGPUs allocated are adjusted by a coefficient representing the vGPUs per physical GPU as defined in the vGPU device plugin daemonset to get the proportion of physical GPU being used by the container. This defaults at 10.0 vGPUs per physical GPU, meaning a container with a request of 5 would be using half of a physical GPU by default.

More information about consuming GPU resources can be found in Kubernetes' Schedule GPU doc.

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