Carbon Costs

Carbon Costs is a cost metric added to both Allocation and Assets dashboards. Carbon Costs are measured in KG CO2e, which is defined by the EPA as:

Carbon dioxide equivalent or CO2e means the number of metric tons of CO2 emissions with the same global warming potential as one metric ton of another greenhouse gas, and is calculated using Equation A-1 in 40 CFR Part 98.

Kubecost uses carbon coefficient data generated by the Cloud Carbon Footprint to associate estimated carbon costs to disk, node, and network assets based on their runtime. This carbon cost is then distributed to allocations. For more information on how these coefficients are calculated, visit the Cloud Carbon Footprint's methodology page.

Enabling Carbon Costs

To begin viewing carbon costs, set the Helm flag carbonEstimates to true in your values.yaml:

    enabled: true

Please allow Kubecost approximately ten minutes to derive pricing information. Carbon costs will then begin appearing with other cost metrics on your Allocation and Assets pages.

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