Cost Events Audit API

This feature is in a beta state. It has limitations. Please read the documentation carefully.

This feature is only officially supported on Kubecost Enterprise plans.

The Cost Events Audit API aims to offer improved visibility on recent changes at cluster level and their estimated cost impact.

Cost events Audit API

GET http://<your-kubecost-address>/model/audit/events

Accesses the most recent cluster events and their predicted cost impact

Path Parameters




Number of events to return. If unspecified, it returns all events available.



Comma-separated list of namespaces to match; e.g. namespace-one,namespace-two will return change events that have occurred only in those two namespaces.



Filter query by event type. Currently, only add and delete are accepted. (more types coming soon) Also accepts comma-separated lists, like add,delete.



Resource type. Currently, only deployment is accepted. (more types coming soon)



Floating-point value representing the lower bound for the total event cost.



Floating-point value representing the upper bound for the total event cost.

    "code": 200,
    "data": [
            "eventType": "add",
            "resourceType": "deployment",
            "timestamp": "2023-02-28T13:58:44.552788548Z",
            "properties": {
                "cluster": "cluster-one",
                "name": "sample-deployment",
                "namespace": "kubecost"
            "totalRequests": {
                "cpu": "100m",
                "memory": "32Mi"
            "resourceCosts": {
                "costPerCPUCoreHour": 0.031616438356164386,
                "costPerRAMByteHour": 3.94217363775593e-12,
                "costPerGPUHour": 0.95
            "costPrediction": {
                "totalMonthlyRate": 2.4045625000000004,
                "cpuMonthlyRate": 2.3080000000000003,
                "ramMonthlyRate": 0.0965625,
                "gpuMonthlyRate": 0

Enabling the Cost Events Audit API

This API is disabled by default. It needs to be manually enabled first through Helm, using the following parameters:

.Values.costEventsAudit.enabled = true

You can also enable the Cost Events Audit API by setting the COST_EVENTS_AUDIT_ENABLED environment variable to true.

Event tracking

Changes at cluster level can range from actions triggered by declarative statements submitted by users (e.g. creation of a Deployment) to automated actions (e.g. cluster autoscaling) or performance events. We detect changes that would have an impact on the overall cluster cost using watchers on the Kubernetes API client.

The watchers are tracking change events across all namespaces within the local/primary cluster (the cluster that the instance of Kubecost you are interacting with via HTTP is running on).

Supported events

  • Deployment creation

  • Deployment deletion

  • StatefulSet creation

  • StatefulSet deletion

Estimated cost impact

Cost implications of cluster events are handled by passing the Kubernetes spec inferred from the change event to the Kubecost Predict API.

Current limitations

  • The Cost Events Audit API can return up to 1000 of the most recent cluster events. There is no time expiration limit on the events.

  • Events returned by the Cost Events Audit API are currently not persisted between Kubecost pod restarts.

  • The Cost Events Audit API does not track events for clusters other than the local/primary cluster.

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