Azure Cloud Integration using Azure Workload Identity

Kubecost supports cloud integration via Azure Workload Identity. Refer to the Microsoft documentation to learn more about how to set up Azure Workload Identity in AKS.

For this tutorial, you will need the cluster name, resource group, federated identity credential name, and the Managed Identity Object ID.


  1. Validate that OIDC is enabled on the Azure cluster.

$ export AKS_OIDC_ISSUER="$(az aks show -n $CLUSTER_NAME -g "${RESOURCE_GROUP}" --query "oidcIssuerProfile.issuerUrl" -otsv)"
  1. Assign the Storage Blob Data Contibutor Role to the Managed Identity and scope it to the storage blob container resource that has the cost export. See this example:

az role assignment create --assignee "55555555-5555-5555-5555-555555555555" --role "Storage Blob Data Contributor" --scope "/subscriptions/00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000/resourceGroups/Example-Storage-rg/providers/Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/storage12345"
  1. Create the federated credential between the Managed Identity and kubecost-cost-analyzer service account:

az identity federated-credential create --name ${FEDERATED_IDENTITY_CREDENTIAL_NAME} --identity-name ${USER_ASSIGNED_IDENTITY_NAME} --resource-group ${RESOURCE_GROUP} --issuer ${AKS_OIDC_ISSUER} --subject system:serviceaccount:${KUBECOST_NAMESPACE}:kubecost-cost-analyzer
  1. Create a JSON file which must be named cloud-integration.json with the following format:

    "azure": {
            "subscriptionID": "AZ_cloud_integration_subscriptionId",
            "account": "AZ_cloud_integration_azureStorageAccount",
            "container": "AZ_cloud_integration_azureStorageContainer",
            "path": "",
            "cloud": "public/gov",
             "authorizerType": "AzureDefaultCredential"
  1. Create the secret.

$ kubectl create secret generic <SECRET_NAME> --from-file=cloud-integration.json -n kubecost
  1. Update the Helm values.yaml with the following and apply changes:

  cloudIntegrationSecret: <SECRET_NAME>
    azure.workload.identity/use: "true"
    azure.workload.identity/client-id: $AZURE_CLIENT_ID
helm upgrade --install kubecost --repo cost-analyzer --namespace kubecost -f values.yaml

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