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Cluster Health Score

The health score starts at 100. Penalties reduce the score. There are three penalty types:
SevereErrorPenalty = 50
ErrorPenalty = 15
WarningPenalty = 3
WarningPenalty is applied when:
  • Single Cluster (Master exists on Cluster - for kops based kubernetes deployments on AWS)
  • Single Region
  • Predictive Disk Growth crosses a 90% threshold
ErrorPenalty is applied:
  • Any Nodes in the Cluster are Not Ready
  • Any Nodes are under MemoryPressure
SevereErrorPenalty is applied:
  • Memory Usage exceeds 90% of Available Memory on the Cluster


The Cluster Health alert is based on a threshold of change. For example, an alert on 14 would alert anytime an Error penalty was applied.
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