Advanced Reporting

Kubecost Advanced Reporting allows teams to sculpt and tailor custom reports to easily view the information they care about. Providing an intersection between K8s Allocation and Cloud Assets data, this tool provides insight into important cost considerations for both workload and external infrastructure costs.

Report configurations

A UI is provided to manage the configurations which make up a report. Advanced Reporting is accessed by selecting Reports from the left navigation, then selecting Visit the new Advanced Reporting page (Beta).
Date Range (Last 7 days)
Will report Last 7 days by default. Manually select your start and end date, or pick one of twelve preset options.
Aggregate By
Field by which to aggregate Allocation results. cluster, namespace, etc.
Cloud Breakdown
Filter by Provider, Service, Account, or use Custom Data Mapping to override default label mappings
Save Report
Will save the report with your existing configurations and add it to the Reports page for quick access
Edit Report
Opens window with additional options for configuring report, including filters and shared resources
Accessed in Edit Report. Used to filter Allocation information
Shared resources
Accessed in Edit Report. Field to handle default and custom shared resources (adjusted on the Settings page). Configure custom shared overhead costs, namespaces, and labels
External Cost Breakdown/eye icon
Compare K8s costs with out-of-cluster (OOC) costs
Reports can now be saved via your organization like Allocation and Assets reports, instead of locally.