Kubecost Cloud: Reports Dashboard

This documentation should only be consulted when using Kubecost Cloud! For information about the Reports dashboard for self-hosted Kubecost, see here.
The Reports dashboard allows you to save defined queries across your different monitoring dashboards, including Allocations, Assets, and Cloud Costs, for quick access. All saved reports will display their type, window duration, and what they aggregate by.

Creating a report

Start by selecting Create a report, then select which dashboard you want to query for. You can also go directly to any dashboard and set up your query first. On either dashboard, once you have the parameters you want to save, select Save Report. You can choose a custom name for your report, but one will auto-generate based on your parameters, then select Save. The query will now show on the Reports dashboard.

Deleting a report

Reports can be deleted directly from the Reports dashboard by selecting the three dots icon under Actions, then selecting Delete. You can also delete a report by selecting it, then selecting Unsave Report on the corresponding dashboard. Confirm with Unsave.