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Receiving Kubecost Cloud Support

Kubecost values your feedback when it comes to ensuring Kubecost Cloud meets your expectations and performs seamlessly. Below is our approach to support in order to ensure customer feedback is acknowledged and assisted with.

Categorization of support requests

Issues, bugs, and other customer requests are classified into one of three categories based on level of severity:

Tier 1

These are business critical issues, involving total failure or severe degradation of services.

Tier 2

These are degraded service incidents, involving partial failure of mild degradation of services.

Tier 3

These are general issues, not considered business critical or partially degraded. This includes assistance with the product, implementation questions, and feature requests.

Service level agreement model

See below how response time and additional support actions are handled based on each tier:
First Response time
Additional actions
Tier 1
15 minutes via the Kubecost Cloud status page or through ticket
Troubleshooting from Kubecost Cloud core engineers
Tier 2
Within 2 business hours
Support engineering assistance
Tier 3
Within 2 business hours
Support engineering assistance

Shared responsibility model

Kubecost responsibility

Kubecost manages the Kubecost Cloud environment with standby support at all times. Kubecost will assist you with deploying the Cloud Agent, and will provide support for other customer issues. We take responsibility for ensuring information on our servers follows best practices for security and privacy.

User responsibility

Users will be responsible for managing their cloud or on-prem environment, installing the Kubecost Cloud Agent in their clusters, and creating and granting permissions to billing exports. The Kubecost support team is available at [email protected] to assist with any Agent or billing export issues that occur.

Submitting bug reports

If you encounter a bug or performance issue with Kubecost Cloud, reach out to [email protected]. You can alternatively describe the problem on our Slack in #support.

Checking Kubecost status

You can view the operational status of Kubecost Cloud at Outages are monitored if they occur for swift resolution. On this page, you can sign up for updates and view past outages.
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