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Kubecost Cloud GCP Marketplace Licensing

Kubecost Cloud is available for licensing on GCP Marketplace and can be installed in minutes. This guide will take you through licensing through GCP Marketplace, and next steps for setting up Kubecost Cloud. Kubecost currently offers 30 days of Kubecost Cloud free without licensing fees.
Licensing Kubecost Cloud through GCP Marketplace will not directly integrate your GCP billing data into your Kubecost Cloud environment. For more information, see our GCP Cloud Integration guide.


GCP Marketplace licensing guide

On the Product details page for Kubecost, select Subscribe. You will be taken to an Order Summary page.
Order Summary page
Under "1. Select Plan", the default plan should be Cloud Pro, and the default usage fee should be USD 0.167 per node per day. You can use the Pricing Calculator in the right sidebar to determine estimated costs by providing estimated timeframe of usage from 1 day to 1 year, and total node count.
Pricing Calculator
Under "2. Purchase Details", select the billing account you wish to associate Kubecost Cloud with from the dropdown.
Under "3. Terms", read and agree to the terms and conditions, which include Google Cloud Marketplace Terms of Service as well as the Kubecost Terms of Service. Then, select Subscribe. Wait a moment while your order request is processed. Select Go to Product Page in the pop-up which should appear once the order has been sent to Kubecost. If you have not already, select Sign up with provider on the product page and provide all necessary user info to get your Kubecost Cloud account set up. Purchase orders should be automatically processed. Refresh the product page until you see Manage on Provider. Selecting this will take you from GCP Marketplace to the Kubecost Cloud login page.
Kubecost Cloud product page
You should now have access to the Kubecost Cloud dashboard.

Next steps

After having licensed Kubecost Cloud, you are able to install the Kubecost Cloud Agent onto all clusters you want to receive cost metrics for. See our existing Kubecost Cloud Installation and Onboarding guide for help getting started.
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