2.1 (latest)

High Availability Kubecost

High availability mode is no longer supported as of Kubecost 2.0.
High availability mode is only officially supported on Kubecost Enterprise plans.
Running Kubecost in high availability (HA) mode is a feature that relies on multiple Kubecost replica pods implementing the ETL Bucket Backup feature combined with a Leader/Follower implementation which ensures that there always exists exactly one leader across all replicas.

Leader + Follower

The Leader/Follower implementation leverages a coordination.k8s.io/v1 Lease resource to manage the election of a leader when necessary. To control access of the backup from the ETL pipelines, a RWStorageController is implemented to ensure the following:
  • Followers block on all backup reads, and poll bucket storage for any backup reads every 30 seconds.
  • Followers no-op on any backup writes.
  • Followers who receive Queries in a backup store will not stack on pending reads, preventing external queries from blocking.
  • Followers promoted to Leader will drop all locks and receive write privileges.
  • Leaders behave identically to a single Kubecost install.

Configuring high availability

In order to enable the leader/follower and HA features, the following must also be configured:
  • Replicas are set to a value greater than 1
  • ETL FileStore is Enabled (enabled by default)
  • ETL Bucket Backup is configured
For example, using our Helm chart, the following is an acceptable configuration:
helm install kubecost kubecost/cost-analyzer --namespace kubecost \
--set kubecostDeployment.leaderFollower.enabled=true \
--set kubecostDeployment.replicas=5 \
--set kubecostModel.etlBucketConfigSecret=kubecost-bucket-secret
This can also be done in the values.yaml file within the chart:
image: "gcr.io/kubecost1/cost-model"
imagePullPolicy: Always
# ...
# ETL should be enabled with etlFileStoreEnabled: true
etl: true
etlFileStoreEnabled: true
# ...
# ETL Bucket Backup should be configured by passing the configuration secret name
etlBucketConfigSecret: kubecost-bucket-secret
# Used for HA mode in Enterprise tier
# Select a number of replicas of Kubecost pods to run
replicas: 5
# Enable Leader/Follower Election
enabled: true