2.1 (latest)

Events API

Kubecost emits events when certain things happen. Those events are also recorded in an event log in the interest of diagnosing problems.
Events API

Event kinds

All event kinds below will appear in the body of the output by default. You can filter for specific event kinds using the kind parameter. For example, to see only AllocationSetSaved in the output, your endpoint will look like:
You can also view all substrings between Allocations or Assets. For example, the following endpoint will retrieve all event kinds beginning with AssetSet:
Allocation outputs should be interpreted as:
  • AllocationSetSaved describes a saved AllocationSet
  • AllocationSetLoaded describes a loaded AllocationSet
  • AllocationSetAggregated describes aggregating an AllocationSet
  • AllocationSetTotaled describes totaling an AllocationSet
  • AllocationSetReconciled describes reconciling an AllocationSet
  • AllocationSetComputeError describes an error in computation
  • AllocationSetReconcileError describes an error in reconciliation
Assets outputs should be interepreted as:
  • AssetSetSaved describes a saved AssetSet
  • AssetSetLoaded describes a loaded AssetSet
  • AssetSetAggregated describes aggregating an AssetSet
  • AssetSetTotaled describes totaling an AssetSet
  • AssetSetReconciled describes reconciling an AssetSet
  • AssetSetComputeError describes an error in computation
  • AssetSetReconcileError describes an error in reconciliation
Underneath each event kind, you should see size and/or window returned, which are:
  • size: number of records in the set
  • window: window of the set
This log will additionally be appended to bug reports.