Kubecost Cloud Architecture Overview

Kubecost Cloud uses an agent to gather metrics and send them to our SaaS platform. The agent requires an Agent package and a daemonSet:

Kubecost Agent package

  • Cost-model: Provides cost allocation calculations and metrics, reads from and scraped by Prometheus server.
  • Prometheus server: Short-term time-series data store (14 days or less)
  • ConfigMap-Reload: Updates Prometheus when changes are made.

Network costs daemonSet

  • Used to allocate costs to the workload responsible for egress costs
  • Enabled on install (to learn how to uninstall the daemonSet, see below)

Architecture overview

Kubecost Cloud architecture diagram

Disabling the network costs daemonSet

The network costs daemonSet will be installed to your Kubecost Cloud by default, however you can manually disable it by adjusting the Helm value, shown here, or running this Helm upgrade command:
Remember to provide your correct agent key, cluster name, and reporting server in the below example code block.
helm upgrade kubecost cost-analyzer \
--repo \
--namespace kubecost-cloud \
--set cloudAgentKey="AGENTKEY" \
--set cloudAgentClusterId="CLUSTER_NAME" \
--set cloudReportingServer="REPORTING_SERVER" \
--set networkCosts.enabled=false \
-f values-cloud-agent.yaml