Automatic Request Right-Sizing

Note: This feature is in a pre-release (alpha/beta) state. It has limitations. Please read the documentation carefully.
Kubecost can automatically implement its recommendations for container resource requests if you have the Cluster Controller component enabled. Using automatic request right-sizing allows you to instantly optimize resource allocation across your entire cluster, without testing excessive YAML or complicatedkubectl commands. You can easily eliminate resource over-allocation in your cluster, which paves the way for vast savings via cluster right-sizing and other optimizations.
Note: Cluster Controller is disabled by default because it is the only component of Kubecost with write access to cluster resources.


To enable this functionality, set the value clusterController.enabled=true, as seen below:
helm upgrade \
-i \
--create-namespace kubecost \
kubecost/cost-analyzer \
--set kubecostToken="YXV0b3JlcXVlc3RzaXppbmcK" \
--set clusterController.enabled=true
Note: This setup will only provide functionality for continuous request right-sizing. For 1-click right-sizing and automated cluster scaledown functionality, follow the setup for your corresponding Kubernetes service (GKE or EKS) on the Cluster Controller page to create a provider key.


Once enabled, you can follow the detailed usage guides for "1-click" (instantaneous) and "Continuous" right-sizing.